It’s a year! It’s a shame! 😥

Hi?👋🏾 Is anyone still here?👀Do I still have any readers? 😰 Well, if all my fans have fallen off I cannot accuse them.😩 Why would anyone follow a "blogger" that has not posted in almost a year? I do not have an excuse for this break. It only comes to one word! Laziness!🛌😴💤 Sincerely, most… Continue reading It’s a year! It’s a shame! 😥

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I swung my arm to the left and involuntarily my right arm also swayed, I looked like I was performing a graceful dance, mostly interrupted by the trickling of water on my face. I gently wiped off the water and continued with my pot-on-the-head-dance, this was the last lap so the luxury to be a… Continue reading I DO?