The one who kept me awake would soon sleep But for how long I do not know The one who kept me awake Never bothered to check if day and night Had any relationship It never mattered Even if they did It was the least of her concern Toothless mouth Did she even know [...]

Lady Desaha

I decided to make this post about me this time round. Tired of writing characters that exist in my head. Today, I get to serve you all the weird habits that make me. These have been listed in no particular order; When I'm walking down the street, I mentally point out people  I think I can [...]

If you’re not an inhabitant of New Beduase Community it’s almost impossible to find the Living Fire Of God Evangelical Ministry Church. The church is situated on an acre of ‘locked’ land; which is just a simpler way of saying the land is completely cordoned off by buildings and has no road leading to it. […] [...]