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Without saying the number, how old am I?

I chanced upon this interesting question on Quora and decided to give it a try. You could try it too, seem like fun. To put this in perspective, this is everything Ghana. Without saying the number, the story below will give a hint of how old I am. I have lived under five presidents since… Continue reading Without saying the number, how old am I?

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I don't even know how to begin this! All I know is I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything else.Thank you to all my followers for helping inspire me to keep writing whatever, every day and even being patient during my lazy days. I wasn’t expecting to get many readers( Many is relative, but this is pretty… Continue reading 100 Followers!

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Intuition II

For those that missed out on the first post, kindly click the link below Intuition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked at my time again and it was 7:45 and the traffic was moving slowly. At least I was halfway through the journey. Chris-Hi I got a message from Chris Me- Hi. Can you imagine I got up… Continue reading Intuition II

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Hold it!!Hold it!, I voiced out as I raced to the elevator. In this very moment, everything was critical. How could it be that my alarm could desert me in the earliest of Monday morning? The very first day of the rest of my life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sprang up from my bed and immediately I… Continue reading Intuition